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In times of radical technological and demographic change, established parties have a significant disadvantage over newcomers and free political parties. Different types of incentives, forces of inertia, and close integration into existing networks prevent success and the necessary change. However, mechanisms exist that enable established parties to remain successful even in times of constant technological innovation and demographic advantages. Especially in our very dynamic society with short cycles of interest, an organization must learn quickly to adapt changing conditions and maximize the potential for innovation.

The task is to develop suitable strategies for the support of learning processes, for the preservation and and distribution of knowledge, and to establish new dialog mechanisms.

Focus on trust and competence generates loyalty.

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Our experience with political institutions and associations with political communication goals brings joint success. We combine creative potential with consultative and analytical competence for consistent campaigns.

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Campaigns are communicative operations and more than the sum of their individual activities. Supporting selectively and in meaningful public impact in specific areas requires precise coordination with the candidate on topics, forms and style.

Strategic concepts, key messages and resource planning in various campaign categories.

From nomination to election.

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Social media is more important than ever! We make your message audible on all channels.